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Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Data Security in Hadoop for large enterprises

Ajit Gaddam (VISA)
2:20pm–3:00pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Hadoop in Action
Location: 210 B/F
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Hadoop and BigData are no longer buzz words in large enterprises. Whether for the correct reasons or not, enterprise data warehouses are moving to Hadoop and along with it come petabytes of data. How do you ensure Bigdata in Hadoop does not become a big problem or a big target. Vendors pitch their technologies as the magical silver bullet. However, did you realize that some controls are dependent on how many maps are available in the production cluster. What about the structure of the data being loaded? How much overhead does decryption operation add? If tokenizing data, how do you distinguish between in and original production data?

However, in certain ways, Hadoop and bigdata represent a greenfield opportunity for security practitioners. It provides a chance to get ahead of the curve, test and deploy your tools, processes, patterns, and techniques before big data becomes a big problem.

Come join this session, where we walk through control frameworks we built and what we discovered, reinvented, polished, and developed to support data security, compliance, cryptographic protection, and effective risk management for sensitive data.

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Ajit Gaddam


Ajit is the Chief Security Architect at VISA, the worlds largest payment network, which processed $4.5 trillion last year. Areas of expertise include data security, cryptography, and mobile security. He held other senior roles at various tech and financial firms before that role including founding two startups. He is an active participant in various open source and security architecture standards bodies.

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Picture of Ajit Gaddam
Ajit Gaddam
02/26/2015 9:48pm PST

Hi Jo, thank you for attending and the feedback. I did upload the slides. Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions

Picture of Jo Ramos
Jo Ramos
02/26/2015 2:00am PST

Hi Ajit, great session, are the slides available?