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Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Pumping Up Retail Profits with Predictive Analytics

Adam Jorgensen (Pragmatic Works)
1:50pm–2:10pm Thursday, 02/19/2015
Business & Industry
Location: LL20 BC
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Retailers employ armies of buyers to stock their organization’s inventory with items they hope will fly off the shelves generating a tidy profit that can be reinvested in the same manner and repeat the cycle all over again. How do these buyers decide between horizontal and vertical stripes? Do they blindly purchase whatever looks interesting? Do they consider what happened last year? Do they purchase the same mix of sizes, types and styles for all regions in which their stores operate? What percentage of a buyer’s decision process is influenced by gut feeling versus fact?
Classification, forecasting and optimization are areas of predictive analytics that attempt to join the art of decision making with the science of data, simulation and fact. Nearly every decision includes some amount of uncertainty, and arming decision makers with tools and technologies that help them see through the many distractions and biases of the real world allows them to focus on what is truly important.
This session will focus on how predictive analytics in the hands of front line decision makers can have a profound impact on an organizations bottom line. Specific topics will include:

· Finding the vision for analytics within your organization
· Focusing the vision on a definitive set of problems
· Identifying data for prediction and decision making
· Defining your product concepts within a predictive framework
· Understanding the levers of decision improvement
· Leveraging mobile predictive analytics for improved decision making
· Balancing the art and science of analytics with the egos of industry experts

Adam Jorgensen

Pragmatic Works

My passion is helping our clients build management processes and cultures where they are identifying, analyzing and driving their business opportunities through personalized management and analytic solutions. I’ve authored over 10 books on technical and strategic topics that many of our customers use as guides to success.

My current focus is directing and managing strategic and operational aspects of Pragmatic Works as President and Board Director. In addition I serve the global community of data professionals as an Executive Board Member and the Executive Vice President for PASS. PASS is the world’s largest organization of data professionals and I’m honored to be a part of the strategic leadership body. Both organizations match my drive for customers and member organizations finding new and powerful ways to be better at what they do through an insights focused lens.