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December 5-6, 2016: Training
December 6–8, 2016: Tutorials & Conference

Telecom conference sessions

11:15am–11:55am Thursday, 12/08/2016
Translating streaming, real-time telecommunications data into actionable analytics products remains challenging. Boon Siew Seah explores SmartHub’s past successes and failures building telco analytics products for its customers and shares the big data technologies behind its two API-based telco analytics products: Grid360 (geolocation analytics) and C360 (consumer insights).
5:05pm–5:45pm Wednesday, 12/07/2016
Creating big data solutions that can process data at terabyte scale and produce spatial-temporal real-time insights at speed demands a well-thought-through system architecture. Chandras Sekhar Saripaka details the production architecture at DataSpark that works through terabytes of spatial-temporal telco data each day in PaaS mode and showcases how DataSpark operates in SaaS mode.
12:05pm–12:45pm Thursday, 12/08/2016
If your organization has Hadoop clusters in research or as point solutions and you're wondering where you go from there, this session is for you. Phillip Radley explains how to run Hadoop as a service, providing an enterprise-wide data platform hosting hundreds of projects securely and predictably.
2:35pm–3:15pm Thursday, 12/08/2016
Can you imagine an intelligent software to assist in your decision making and drive actions? Flavio Clesio and Eiti Kimura offer a practical demonstration of using machine learning to create an intelligent monitoring application based on a distributed system data analysis using Apache Spark MLlib.
1:45pm–2:25pm Wednesday, 12/07/2016
Shao Wei Ying explains how mobility intelligence derived from telco big data informs us about the state of our urban infrastructure, economic activities, and public safety.
12:05pm–12:45pm Thursday, 12/08/2016
Modern telecommunications are alphabet soups that produce massive amounts of diagnostic data. Ted Dunning offers an overview of a real-time, low-fidelity simulation of the edge protocols of such a system to help illustrate how modern big data tools can be used for telecom analytics. Ted demos the system and shows how several tools can produce useful analytical results and system understanding.
2:35pm–3:15pm Thursday, 12/08/2016
Do you want to persuade finance to fund a Hadoop cluster? Educate designers & architects to use Hadoop in their solutions? Get a data team to run Hadoop as a shared service? Democratize your data? Stop by and find out how Phillip did it, he’s got some great ideas for you.