Mar 15–18, 2020
Ian Beaver

Ian Beaver
Chief Scientist, Verint


Ian Beaver is a chief scientist at Verint, a provider of conversational AI systems for enterprise businesses. Ian has been publishing discoveries in the field of AI since 2005 on topics surrounding human–computer interactions such as gesture recognition, user preference learning, and communication with multimodal automated assistants. Ian has presented his work at various academic and industry conferences and authored over 30 patents within the field of human language technology. His extensive experience and access to large volumes of real-world, human–machine conversation data for his research has made him a leading voice in conversational analysis of dialog systems. Ian currently leads a team in finding ways to optimize human productivity by way of automation and augmentation, using symbiotic relationships with machines.


4:30pm5:00pm Monday, March 16, 2020
Location: LL20A
Ian Beaver (Verint), Aryn Sargent (Verint)
Chatbots are increasingly used in customer service as a first tier of support. Through deep analysis of conversation logs, you can learn real user motivations and where company improvements can be made. Ian Beaver and Aryn Sargent make a build or buy comparison for deploying self-service bots, cover motivations and techniques for deep conversational analysis, and discuss real-world discoveries. Read more.

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