Mar 15–18, 2020

Data Case Studies

March 16, 2020 | Location: LL20A

Data is changing every industry it touches. From retail to entertainment to logistics, collecting and analyzing work helps us improve it. A recent MIT study shows organizations that embrace data do 5-6% better a year in competitiveness and profitability—compounded, data is the difference between dominance and obscurity.

In this day-long series of case studies, we bring together a dozen examples of data in action across a wide range of companies and verticals. Get an inside look at the business models, infrastructure, and processes that leading companies have deployed. And hear hard-won lessons you can put to work immediately.

Monday, March 16, 2020


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9:05am–9:30am Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Data & AI Business Summit
Secondary topics:  Data Quality
Jeffrey Vah (Dell Technologies), Gayathri Rau (Dell Technologies)
To deliver best-in-class data science products, solutions must evolve through partnerships between data scientists and domain experts. Jeffrey Vah and Gayathri Rau detail the product lifecycle journey while integrating business expertise with data scientists and technologists. You'll discover best practices and pitfalls when digitally transforming your business through AI and machine learning. Read more.


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9:30am–10:00am Monday, 03/16/2020
Shuo Xiang (Robinhood), Grace Lu (Robinhood)
The data platform at Robinhood has evolved considerably as the scale of its data and its needs have evolved. Shuo Xiang and Grace Lu share the stories behind the evolution of its platform, how it aligns with the company's business use cases, and the challenges encountered and lessons learned. Read more.


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10:00am–10:30am Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Maureen Teyssier (Reonomy)
Despite being one of America’s largest industries, commercial real estate professionals lack insights and opportunities due to the fragmented, disparate nature of real estate information. The market is still predominantly facilitated by paper agreements, phone calls, and in-person transactions. Maureen Teyssier showcases how to use knowledge graphs to empower informed, strategic decisions. Read more.


10:30am–11:00am Monday, 03/16/2020
Morning break (30m)


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11:00am–11:30am Monday, 03/16/2020
Secondary topics:  Data Management and Storage
Aaron Williams (OmniSci)
Aaron Williams explores the explosive growth in the quantity of geospatial data and how this fuels the need to more frequently join geospatial data with traditional data. Read more.


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11:30am–12:00pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Sriram Ravindran (Adobe Inc), Deepak Pai (Adobe), Shubranshu Shekhar (Carnegie Mellon University)
Sriram Ravindran, Deepak Pai, and Shubranshu Shekhar discuss developing a fraud detection model using state-of-the-art graph neural networks. This model can be used to detect card testing, trial abuse, seat addition, etc. Read more.


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12:00pm–12:30pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Sherin Thomas (Lyft)
In the world of ride-sharing, decisions such as matching a passenger to the nearest driver, pricing, ETA, etc. need to be made in real time, making it imperative to build the most up-to-date view of the world. However, gleaning information from high-volume streaming data is tricky, and often solutions are hard to use. Sherin Thomas explains how Lyft attempted to solve this problem with Flink. Read more.


12:30pm–1:30pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Lunch sponsored by Intel AI (1h)


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2:00pm–2:30pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Dan Gifford (Getty Images)
Computer vision has made great strides toward human-level accuracy of describing and identifying images, but there often aren’t words to describe what we want algorithms to predict. Dan Gifford explores this paradox, the limitations of text-based image search, and how creative AI is challenging the way we view human creativity. Read more.


3:00pm–3:30pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Afternoon break (30m)


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3:30pm–4:00pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Secondary topics:  Culture and Organization
Shondria Lopez-Merlos (Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church)
Small data teams that work for small businesses or nonprofits often want to use programming and automation but don't know where to start. Shondria Lopez-Merlos explores how to learn simple Python programs and incorporate them to help streamline workflow and, hopefully, lead to additional, increasingly complex projects. Read more.


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4:00pm–4:30pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Sandhya Raghavan (Virgin Hyperloop One), Patryk Oleniuk (Virgin Hyperloop One)
To substantiate the key business and safety propositions necessary to establish a new mode of transportation, Virgin Hyperloop One (VHO) implemented a complex, large-scale, and highly configurable simulation. Each simulation run needs to be analyzed and assessed on several KPIs. Sandhya Raghavan and Patryk Oleniuk highlight how VHO successfully reduced the time to insight from days to hours. Read more.


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4:30pm–5:00pm Monday, 03/16/2020
Data Case Studies
Ian Beaver (Verint), Aryn Sargent (Verint)
Chatbots are increasingly used in customer service as a first tier of support. Through deep analysis of conversation logs, you can learn real user motivations and where company improvements can be made. Ian Beaver and Aryn Sargent make a build or buy comparison for deploying self-service bots, cover motivations and techniques for deep conversational analysis, and discuss real-world discoveries. Read more.

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