Mar 15–18, 2020

Creating an ecosystem on data governance in the ODPi Egeria project

AMANDA CHESSELL (IBM), John Mertic (Linux Foundation)
2:35pm3:15pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Location: LL20C
Secondary topics:  Security and Privacy

Who is this presentation for?

Non-technical or Business audience




Building on its success at establishing standards in the Apache Hadoop data platform, the ODPi (Linux Foundation) turns its focus to the next big data challenge—enabling metadata management and governance at scale across the enterprise. Regulations are emerging within and across industries to ensure consistency and quality of data used within enterprises. Metadata is at the heart of these regulations. It encompasses database schemas, formats, semantic information, business rules, ownership, lineage, movement, and usage. Products from a variety of vendors support metadata; however, they don’t interoperate easily today.

Mandy Chessell and John Mertic discuss how the ODPi’s GoG aims to create an open data governance ecosystem through collaboration with data governance subject matter experts and data platform and tools vendors. It builds on the work of the ODPi Egeria open source project’s open standard interfaces, message protocols, and frameworks for metadata management and governance. ODPi founders SAS, Cloudera, and IBM, along with ING and other members, are creating an open metadata and governance ecosystem that enables an organization to get the maximum value from data while managing the risks associated with data collection, storage, and use.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how the ODPi's GoG aims to create an open data governance ecosystem through collaboration with data governance subject matter experts and data platform and tools vendors



Amanda “Mandy” Chessell is a master inventor, fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a distinguished engineer at IBM, where she’s driving IBM’s strategic move to open metadata and governance through the Apache Atlas open source project. Mandy is a trusted advisor to executives from large organizations and works with them to develop strategy and architecture relating to the governance, integration, and management of information. You can find out more information on her blog.

Photo of John Mertic

John Mertic

Linux Foundation

John Mertic is the director of program management for the Linux Foundation. Under his leadership, he’s helped ASWF, ODPi, Open Mainframe Project, and R Consortium accelerate open source innovation and transform industries. John has an open source career spanning two decades, both as a contributor to projects such as SugarCRM and PHP and in open source leadership roles at SugarCRM, OW2, and OpenSocial. With an extensive open source background, he’s a regular speaker at various Linux Foundation and other industry trade shows each year. John’s also an avid writer and has authored two books The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications and Building on SugarCRM, as well as published articles on IBM developerWorks, Apple Developer Connection, and PHP Architect.

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