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July 12-13, 2017: Training
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Beijing, China

安全 (Security)

13:10–13:50 Friday, 2017-07-14
Location: 多功能厅2(Function Room 2) 观众水平 (Level): Intermediate
Jimmy Zhigang Su (JD.COM), Tony Lee (
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(3.50, 2 次得分) is one of the largest B2C online retailers in the world. Its mission is to provide a safe and secure marketplace for its 226M active users and 120K third-party vendors. Jimmy Zhigang Su and Tony Lee discuss the transformations big data has enabled at JD, including threat intelligence, account security, and end-point security. Read more.
14:50–15:30 Friday, 2017-07-14
Location: 多功能厅2(Function Room 2) 观众水平 (Level): Intermediate
Haifeng Chen (Intel)
Although the processing capability of modern platforms is approaching memory speed, securing big data using encryption still hurts performance. Haifeng Chen shares proven ways to speed up data encryption in Hadoop and Spark, as well as the latest progress in open source, and demystifies using hardware acceleration technology to protecting your data. Read more.
16:20–17:00 Friday, 2017-07-14
Location: 多功能厅5B+C(Function Room 5B+C) 观众水平 (Level): 中级 (Intermediate)
李银辉 (万达网络科技集团), 千惠子 (万达网络科技集团)
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(3.00, 1 次得分)
数据安全是大数据平台需要的非常重要的特性,如何防止用户敏感信息泄露是数据安全最大的威胁之一。ShadowMask是一个基于Spark大数据平台的开源数据脱敏项目,满足大数据用户对于用户隐私数据脱敏的需求,控制隐私数据泄露风险与数据处理需求的平衡。本次演讲主要介绍项目目标,架构,挑战,应用案例以及当前项目状态。 Read more.
14:00–14:40 Saturday, 2017-07-15
Location: 多功能厅5B+C(Function Room 5B+C) 观众水平 (Level): 中级 (Intermediate)
Zhong Wu (DataVisor)
你的用户中有多少是潜伏的欺诈者,等待发起攻击?所有线上用户社区都会存在隐藏群组、潜伏期账号欺诈的风险。根据DataVisor全球范围线上服务超过10亿用户和5千亿事件的分析数据,这个议题旨在详细阐述潜伏期欺诈账号存在的威胁性,探索欺诈者是如何应用复杂的攻击技术来逃避系统检测,以及Spark大数据安全分析的应用。 Read more.

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