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Luke Han

Luke Han
Cofounder and CEO, Kyligence

网站 | @lukehq

Luke (Qing) Han is the coounder and CEO of Kyligence, which provides a leading intelligent data platform powered by Apache Kylin to simplify big data analytics from on-premises to the cloud. Luke is the cocreator and PMC chair of Apache Kylin, where he contributes his passion to driving the project’s strategy, roadmap, and product design. For the past few years, Luke has been working on growing Apache Kylin’s community, building its ecosystem, and extending its adoptions globally. Previously, he was big data product lead at eBay, where he managed Apache Kylin, engaged customers, and coordinated various teams from different geographical locations, and chief consultant at Actuate China.


09:35–09:45 Saturday, 2017-07-15
赞助商赞助 主题演讲 (Sponsored Keynote)
地点: 紫金大厅A(Grand Hall A)
Luke Han (Kyligence)
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大数据已成企业的核心竞争力,在大数据技术及平台相对复杂,人才短缺的现状下,大数据生产力无法得以充分释放,过多的依赖于人,特别是专业培训过的工程师很难让企业可以快速构建大数据平台,快速相应业务变化。 本次主题演讲,将从一个新的角度去看待这个问题,介绍为什么将传统的DW/BI能力、理论、方法论等在大数据平台上进行使能是如此的重要,如何通过这种办法,充分发挥现有人才的能力,为企业提供释放大数据生产力的可能 了解更多信息.



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