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July 12-13, 2017: Training
July 13-15, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
Beijing, China

Hadoop上的OLTP,BeagleData赞助议题(OLTP on Hadoop—sponsored by BeagleData)

此演讲使用中文 (This will be presented in Chinese)

乔旺龙 (天云融创数据科技(北京)有限公司)
13:10–13:50 Friday, 2017-07-14
赞助商赞助 (Sponsored)
Location: 多功能厅8A+8B(Function Room 8A+8B)


  • 大数据hadoop领域内能不能做到高并发
  • No SQL技术的发展
  • hbase下数据分布不均怎么解决
  • CAP理论以及Hbase,如何增强CAP
  • 怎样打造一个高并发实时事务引擎

A huge amount of data is generated every day by the telecom, banking, insurance, police, military, radio and TV, and government industries, among many others. BeagleData is working on implementation practices to timely and accurately extract value from that data and efficiently and effectively process it. 乔旺龙 explains how to achieve highly concurrent and real-time transactions in the big data context.

Topics include:

  • The issues that need to be addressed to achieve highly concurrent and real-time transactions
  • Is high concurrency achievable in the big data domain?
  • The development of NoSQL technology
  • How to resolve the uneven data distribution problem in HBase
  • CAP theory and HBase and how to enhance CAP
  • How to build a highly concurrent and real-time transaction engine




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