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李栋(Li Dong), Kyligence

此演讲使用中文 (This will be presented in Chinese)

Dong Li (Kyligence)
14:50–15:30 Saturday, 2017-07-15
地点: O’Reilly展位A桌 (Table A in O'Reilly Booth)

Apache Kylin v2.0已经发布!作为领先的大数据OLAP分析引擎,现在的Apache Kylin羽翼更丰,支持雪花模型、基于Spark进行预计算、更加全面的SQL语法、实时流式数据接入等等,Apache Kylin正逐渐从一个传统OLAP转变为一个实时数据仓库。本次交流将讨论Apache Kylin v2.0中的最新功能及真实的实践案例。

Apache Kylin v2.0 has been released. Leading big data OLAP analysis engine Apache Kylin now has richer features, such as support for snowflake schema, precomputing based on Spark, a more comprehensive SQL syntax, support for real-time streaming data, etc. Apache Kylin is gradually evolving from a traditional OLAP engine to a real-time data warehouse. Li Dong offers an overview of the latest features and real cases in practice of Apache Kylin v2.0.

Photo of Dong Li

Dong Li


Dong Li is Technical Partner and Director of Partner Engineering at Kyligence, focus on big data technology and Apache Kylin Eco-system development. Dong is also an Apache Kylin committer and PMC member. Previously, Dong was a senior software engineer at eBay and a software development engineer at Microsoft.



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