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Make Data Work
July 12-13, 2017: Training
July 13-15, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
Beijing, China

Strata Data Conference Overview: Putting big data to work

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Strata Data Conference is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. It's a deep dive into emerging techniques and technologies. You'll dissect case studies, develop new skills through in-depth tutorials, share emerging best practices in data science, and imagine the future.

Formerly known as Strata+Hadoop World, the conference was created in 2012, when O'Reilly and Cloudera brought together their two successful big data conferences.

Program Chairs Doug Cutting (Chief Architect at Cloudera, and founder of Apache Hadoop) and Jason Dai (CTO, Big Data Technologies at Intel), together with Program Development Director Ben Lorica (Chief Data Scientist, O'Reilly) have created a program that covers the entire range of big data tools and technologies. Strata Data Conference covers current hot topics like AI and machine learning, and focuses on how to implement data strategies.

Strata Data Conference in Beijing is presented by O'Reilly Media, Inc. and Cloudera. O'Reilly Beijing is an international branch of O'Reilly Media, Inc.


Strata Data Conference was one of the best technical conferences I have attended, and believe me, I go to all the major ones.”– Sam Palani, Director, Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions, CTR Inc.

Strata Data Conference in Beijing will pack four solid days with thought-provoking keynotes, in-depth training, targeted sessions, fast-paced demonstrations, and a sponsor pavilion featuring the latest tools and technologies. The vibrant "hallway track" provides unparalleled opportunities to connect informally with some of the best minds in data.

Join expert data scientists, analysts, and executives from innovative companies of all sizes in Beijing to learn, connect, and explore the complex issues and exciting opportunities around:

  • Data Innovations
  • Data Science & Advanced Analytics
  • Enterprise Adoption
  • Hadoop Use Cases
  • Hadoop Internals & Development
  • Internet of Things & Real-time data
  • Security
  • Spark & Beyond
  • Visualization & User Experience
  • Open Data

Immersed in deeply practical training and inspired by innovative ideas, Strata Data Conference attendees gain the knowledge and skills they need to make better business decisions in a data-driven world. It’s a world-class networking event, and the breadth and depth of expertise at Strata Data Conference is unsurpassed: with over 80 presentations, attendees are sure to find solutions to their most pressing data issues.

Conference leadership

O'Reilly and Cloudera have partnered to bring Hadoop World to all Strata Conferences worldwide. The event’s content is carefully curated by:

Doug Cutting

Doug (@cutting) is the founder of numerous successful open source projects, including Lucene, Nutch, Avro, and Hadoop. Doug joined Cloudera in 2009 from Yahoo!, where he was a key member of the team that built and deployed a production Hadoop storage and analysis cluster for mission-critical business analytics. Doug holds a Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and sits on the Board of the Apache Software Foundation.​

Ben Lorica
O’Reilly Media, Chief Data Scientist

Ben has applied business intelligence, data mining, machine learning, and statistical analysis in a variety of settings including direct marketing, consumer and market research, targeted advertising, text mining, and financial engineering. His background includes stints with an investment management company, internet startups, and financial services.

Jason Dai
Intel, Chief Architect of Big Data Technologies

Jason is the chief architect of Big Data technologies at Intel. Prior to that, he was a principal architect at Microsoft, responsible for building a large-scale cloud and Big Data platform that powers some of the largest internet services in the company. Before joining Microsoft, he was an engineering director and principal engineer at Intel, responsible for advanced research and development of Big Data platforms, including a joint-development with UC Berkeley on the next generation of Big Data technologies (e.g., Apache Spark stack), and building next-gen Big Data platforms for some of the largest websites in the world. Jason is an internationally recognized expert on Big Data, cloud, parallel computing, and compiler technologies.

Program Committee

  • Amr Awadallah (Cloudera)
  • Fangjin Yang (Imply)
  • Justin Chen (GrowingIO)
  • Jike Chong (Yirendai and Tsinghua University)
  • Eli Collins (Cloudera)
  • Evan Chan (Tuplejump)
  • Kelvin Chu (Uber)
  • Baoqiu Cui (Xiaomi)
  • Bin Fan (Alluxio)
  • Shane Huang (Intel)
  • Jeff Hammerbacher (Cloudera)
  • Hairong Kuang (Facebook)
  • Dowson Liu (Borui Data)
  • Shaoshan Liu (Baidu)
  • Angie Ma (ASI)
  • Shingo Omura (ChatWork株式会社)
  • Chen Pengyu (Alibaba)
  • Jun Rao (Confluent)
  • Christoph Schubert (Zhejiang University of finance and Economics)
  • Zheng Shao (Uber)
  • Taifeng Wang (Microsoft Research Asia)
  • Reynold Xin (Databricks)
  • Wei Xu (Tshinghua University)
  • Tony Yan (TalkingData)
  • Yang Yang (Esgyn China)
  • Mao Ye (Pintrest)
  • Fang Yu (Datavisor)
  • Charles Zedlewski (Cloudera)
  • Zhe Zhang (Linkedin)
  • Yan Zhou (IBM)

Industry snapshot

Strata Data Conference is THE place to feel the pulse of the overall database industry.—Min Wei

Strata Data Conference inspires and impacts data professionals in a broad range of industries:

  • Software / Internet
  • Banking / Finance
  • Solutions Provider / IT Consultancy
  • Media / Publishing
  • Hardware / Computers
  • Retail / E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Consultant (Non-IT) / Business Services
  • Venture Capital / Investment Banking
  • Carriers / Telecommunications
  • Healthcare / Medical / Rx / Biotech
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Manufacturing

Who attends

If you want to be in the game for Big Data, you have to be at Strata Data Conference!”– Ling Qian

Strata Data Conference attracts leading data professionals from around the globe, including:

  • VPs or directors of marketing, analytics, and data warehousing
  • CIOs, CTOs, enterprise architects
  • Business analysts and decision-makers
  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers
  • Developers and database professionals
  • Product managers
  • Designers
  • Researchers and academics
  • Data-driven designers, journalists, anthropologists
  • VCs and investors
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs
Expo hall

Why participate

At Strata Data Conference, you'll:

  • Be among the first to understand how you can leverage the promise of this huge change, and survive the resulting disruption
  • Find new ways to leverage your data assets across industries and disciplines
  • Learn how to take big data from science project to real business application
  • Discover training, hiring, and career opportunities for data professionals
  • Meet-face-to face with other innovators and thought leaders
  • Connect with the leading data tools vendors and evaluate solutions to your big data challenges

Strata Data Conference delivers the nuts-and-bolts foundation for building a data-driven business—forward-looking insights, ahead-of-the-curve thinking, and the latest on the skills, tools, and technologies that make data work.

The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their data successfully. And that future happens at Strata Data Conference.

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