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Afternoon Break / Solid 2014 Hardware Startup Showcase

Location: Break

Hardware Startup Showcase Winners:

Runner’s up (tied): Xandem and Birdi
Judge’s pick: Matterport Inc.
Audience Favorite: Podo Labs

New products, services, and businesses are emerging every day at the convergence of software and hardware. Companies are creating products never before imagined, exploiting new efficiencies, and building entirely new business models—in manufacturing, wearables, robotics, connected devices, the smart grid, and countless other areas.

The Hardware Startup Showcase at Solid is a chance for early-stage companies in this new space to hone their pitch, meet investors, and bounce big ideas off the industry’s movers and shakers.

Our team of investors, entrepreneurs, and industry analysts will select the finalists from the submissions we receive. These firms will have a chance to present their technologies and tell their stories live at the Startup Showcase on Wednesday, May 21, where our judges will choose the best of the best. We’ll announce the showcase winners from the Solid keynotes on May 22.

Hardware Startup Showcase Finalist Companies


Renee DiResta, Principal

Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director
Shasta Ventures

Jeremy Conrad
Lemnos Labs

Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder

Ben Einstein, Managing Director

Celestine Johnson
Innovation Endeavors

Matt Turck, Managing Director
FirstMark Capital