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“The future has a funny way of sneaking up on you. You don't notice it until you're soaking in it. That was the feeling at O'Reilly's Solid Conference.”

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The world's innovators from all industries in hardware and software come to Solid to be inspired, make connections, and learn how to create the future. The revolution starts here.

Highlights from Solid 2014:

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5 Building Blocks of Solid

We're at the brink of a huge shift. Understand the territory and discover the opportunities:

  • Companies Companies explores what's working—from getting funding to design and marketing, to moving from an early adopter market into the mainstream.
  • Foundations Foundations will expand your notion of the possible, and show how radically new products can spring from re-imagining existing services, processes, and machines.
  • Machines Machines focuses on how to make intelligent things real—from design and prototyping, to manufacturing and shipping.
  • Society Society examines how to build products and services that improve our communities, personal health, and the world economy.
  • Tools Tools, our most technical track, covers the protocols, technologies, and techniques that you need to understand to make your ideas become reality


See intelligent things in action—the Baxter manufacturing robot, Bot & Dolly's IRIS, the Makani Wind Turbine, NASA's SPHERES—and more.

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