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Office Hours

Office Hours give you a chance to meet face-to-face in a small group setting with some of the best minds in IoT. Discuss the speaker's area of expertise, give feedback about their sessions, or ask questions.

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Office Hours will take place in the Demo Pavilion.

    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
    Nadya Peek (MIT Center for Bits and Atoms)

    Nadya works with digital fabrication tools, machine communication protocols, and technology for humans. She’s available to discuss:

    • Enabling making machines that make—modular machines, networked controls, and digital fabrication
    • Life after g-code—how to move away from state in the machine
    • Why does the machine get to have all the fun?— machines as tools or machines as matter compilers
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
    Kipp Bradford (The Kippworks)

    Kipp is one of the USA Science and Engineering Festival’s Nifty Fifty, the Demo Chair of the Open Hardware Summit, a featured innovator at Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2013, the former Senior Design Engineer and Lecturer at the Brown University School of Engineering and current Fellow at the College of Design, Engineering and Commerce at Philadelphia University (there’s lots more but we’ll stop here.) Meet with Kipp to discuss:

    • Frictionless Framework for manufacturing
    • Getting products built
    • Building a hardware startup
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
    Kate Drane (Indiegogo)

    Kate is hardware category lead at Indiegogo, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms. She’ll discuss:

    • Strategy and advice for crowdfunding for hardware
    • How to prepare your crowdfunding campaign to best leverage non-monetary success
    • Storytelling
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table B)
    Rob Coneybeer (Shasta Ventures), Ben Einstein (Bolt), Cyril Ebersweiler (HAXLR8R)
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    If you have a great (but under-funded) business idea, or you just want to understand how venture capitalists determine what makes a successful investment, you’ll want to stop by the Ask a VC discussion.

    Rob Coneybeer, Ben Einstein, and Cyril Ebersweiler will answer your questions and discuss things like:

    • Investing in hardware
    • What makes a venture scalable
    • Prototyping hardware products
    • Manufacturing
    • Raising capital for hardware businesses
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
    Josh Clark (Big Medium)

    Josh is a designer specializing in multi-device design, strategy, and user experience. He’s author of “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” and the upcoming “Designing for Touch. ” He will answer questions and offer advice on design and UX in the connected world, including topics like:

    • The new UI: Physical interaction with devices and objects
    • Interactions between devices/objects for effortless exchange of data and identity
    • The interface between phone/tablet and object/environment
    • Passive (sensor-based) interaction vs intentional (“I want this”) interaction
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table B)

    Lauren is an Experience Design Director at R/GA NY. She has been working with Nike for over 2 years, shaping the digital experience around the Nike+ FuelBand including the new Nike+ FuelBand SE. She will be available to answer questions on things like:

    • Desiging connected experiences
    • Designing connected experiences for startups
    • Mobile applications for connected devices
    • Designing for Dormancy
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table C)
    Scott Jenson (Google)

    The Physical Web concept is trying to unleash the core super power of the web: Interaction on demand. By creating a ‘discovery service’ where URLs can be broadcast and any device can receive them, you create a type of ‘proximity DNS’ that allows the web to work in new ways. Any device can now broadcast a bit of information, a phone number, or even a web page. It’s about thinking small and offering tiny amounts of information and interaction. The Physical Web isn’t a replacement for native apps, it’s a new lightweight interaction approach that native apps just can’t do at all.

    • How can we liberate smart devices so it’s easier to interact with them?
    • How are apps slowing this down?
    • How can a URL discovery service accomplish this?
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table D)
    John Dimatos (Kickstarter), Aurora Aurora (Kickstarter)
    • Bringing your project to life
    • The Creative arts and your hardware
    • Building your own community (and having fun while you do it.)
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
    Jen McCabe (Downtown Project)

    Jen runs the Nimbus Portfolio, an allocation of Tony Hsieh`s Vegas Tech Fund devoted to hardware. She leads seed and early stage investments in robotics, drones, hardware-as-a-service, connected devices, health peripherals, Internet of Things, interactive play, smart home companies, and attendant software developments. She’s available to talk about things like:

    • How to prep for your first production run
    • Production Math 101
    • The Almighty PDS – how to organize your team around a cohesive, coherent, product development schedule
    • The China Experience – what its like, how to survive/thrive
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table B)
    Anna Shaw (Smart Design)

    Anna is the Director of Digital Experiences at Smart Design. She’s spent over 15 years developing and extending brands through compelling user experiences
    And she’s available to discuss the messy, muddy topic of gender when it comes to designing for women, including things like:

    • Avoiding stereotypes
    • Wearables for women
    • Women’s influence on the connected home
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table C)
    Ian Ferguson (Formlabs)

    Ian is lead engineer at Formlabs . His background in mechatronic and robotics engineering lets him get into the nitty gritty elements of design and development while maintaining a sharp focus on the market. He’ll be available to answer questions about:

    • Using rapid prototyping in development and production
    • Manufacturing advice for hardware startups
    • Growing a hardware startup from conception to small business
    • How to launch an awesome kickstarter
    Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table D)
    Dan Saffer (Saffervescence Inc.)

    Dan is a director of the interaction design practice at Smart Design and the author of three books on interaction design. He is available to answer questions on:

    • The small details that will make your product successful
    • How to design a device that will provide moments of delight throughout its life
    • How to get from clunky proof-of-concept to and elegantly designed (and widely adopted) connected device