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Alec Saunders

Alec Saunders
Vice President, Cloud Business, QNX Software Systems

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As vice president of QNX Software Systems’ new cloud business,
Alec Saunders is responsible for developing strategies that will
grow market share and revenue for the company’s cloud
products and services. Previously, he served as vice president of
developer relations and ecosystem development at BlackBerry,
where he built a thriving development community for BlackBerry
products. Alec also co-founded Iotum, an award-winning
communications startup; served as vice president of marketing
at Versatel Networks; and spearheaded marketing efforts for
several key initiatives at Microsoft, where he helped launched
Windows 95, two versions of Internet Explorer, and the
Universal Plug and Play initiative.


Location: Festival Pavilion
Alec Saunders (QNX Software Systems)
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