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Richard Isaacs

Richard Isaacs
Mechanical Designer & Organbuilder, Fisk

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For the past eighteen years, Rick has been a Pipe Organ Builder and a Mechanical Designer at C. B. Fisk, Inc. of Gloucester, Massachusetts – one of the world’s premier pipe organ makers, a 50+ year old company in an industry which proudly embraces centuries-old tradition and technology. He has been responsible for numerous design and material innovations, primarily in mechanical key action mechanisms, which fascinate him.

Prior to Fisk, Rick worked a little interlude of twenty-four years at the late GenRad, Inc., of Concord, Massachusetts and Manchester, UK, a maker of automated electronic test equipment. During his career there, he was a Production Engineering Manager, a Project Manager and a Program Manager.

Rick’s career began in 1968 at the Noack Organ Company of Georgetown, Massachusetts, where he apprenticed and built pipe organs for five years, during which he was the Shop Foreman, Draftsperson and Designer. It was there that he first caught the pipe organ design and building bug – which he never could get out of his system!


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