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Kegan Schouwenburg

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SOLS Systems co-founder and CEO Kegan Schouwenburg is a leading voice in 3D printing and mass customization, and obsessed with bringing nascent technology into the consumer sector. Schouwenburg’s background in industrial design and mass-manufacturing gives her a unique perspective on scalable systems and products, and fuels her desire to bring beauty and simplicity to new markets.

Previously Kegan spent four years running a consumer design and manufacturing firm, learning the in’s and out’s of physical product, before become tired of the high barrier to entry in manufacturing, and leaving to join Shapeways. There, she built, and ran, the Factory of the Future. Schouwenburg holds a bachelor’s in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute (2007)


Location: Fire House
Reject the traditional pillars of manufacturing, and leverage 3D printing to reduce costs, minimize touch points, and accelerate go to market speed. Read more.