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Travis Lee

Travis Lee
Portfolio Director, IDEO

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Travis helps lead Product and Venture Design in the IDEO Chicago studio. He enjoys applying cutting-edge technology and creative engineering to diverse design challenges. A champion of “hack-to-build” rapid mechanical prototyping, he is passionate about building tools and platforms that improve the practice of design in a diverse set of applications including cleantech, in-vehicle technology, medical devices, and wearables.


Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
Travis Lee (IDEO), Simon King (CMU Design Center), Evan Shapiro (IDEO), Jon Wettersten (IDEO)
IDEO developed Noam to support the design of increasingly complex hardware + software prototypes. It is ideal for creating quick, iterative, flexible digital-physical experiences that require communication between disparate platforms. While the need for robust product development continues, we have found Noam can dramatically increase the speed and likelihood of arriving at the right idea. Read more.