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Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell
Product Manager,, by Supplyframe

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Chris Gammell is a full time electrical engineer and a podcaster on The Amp Hour electronics podcast (a weekly show reaching over 5000 electronics professionals and enthusiasts). More recently, he started an online education site that teaches how to design and build electronics called Contextual Electronics. This teaches open source workflows and is community focused in its instruction. The first session of the course is two consecutive 8 week courses showing how to design (course A) and then build (course B) a multi-function Arduino shield.


Location: C260
Chris Gammell (, by Supplyframe)
The rise of open source hardware (OSHW) has been an important factor in many of the advances in the Internet of Things. Why haven't the tools creating the OSHW projects been open source? We'll take a look at many of the newer (or updated) ones and how they can be put to good use in the future of IoT devices and more generally in modern electronics designs. Read more.