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Alex Hornstein

Alex Hornstein
the guy, TinyPipes

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Alex Hornstein is an independent inventor. He spends his time dreaming, designing and building impossible, impractical, and wonderful things, and he’s particularly fascinated by communities of people that work creatively with technology. Nowadays, he works mainly on clean tech and digital manufacturing technologies.

When Alex isn’t building stuff, he’s usually goofing off with friends, playing with motorcycles or walking on a trail.

All of this is a whole lot of fun.


Location: Fleet Room
Alex Hornstein (TinyPipes)
TinyPipes is an electrical utility that provides power to off-grid areas. The utility is a collection of solar panels that can be installed all over the world, but are all connected to the internet through a local cellular network. Our users buy electricity that the panels generate - in that sense, we're just like a normal utility, but we reach places that no other utility can go. Read more.