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Zak Homuth

Zak Homuth
CEO & Co-founder, Upverter

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Zak Homuth is the CEO and founder of Upverter, the leading collaborative hardware design platform. As a child, Zak was always coming up with new businesses, and at 16 he put his high school education on hold to run his computer consulting business, which he grew to a dozen employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. After shutting down the business and finishing his diploma, Zak studied Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo doing his co-op internships at IBM in Germany, Infosys in India, and at Sandvine in Waterloo, Ontario where he accepted a full-time job. Zak left Sandvine in 2011 to found Upverter.


Location: Festival Pavilion
Boris Wertz (Version One Ventures), Zak Homuth (Upverter), Kate Drane (Indiegogo), Julia Grace (Slack), Emile Petrone (Tindie)
Hardware is hot, but moving from idea to product is a lot of hard work. Featuring Upverter, Indiegogo, Tindie, and VC Boris Wertz, the panel will address the lifecycle and platforms that hardware companies need to scale: from design, through fundraising, sales, manufacturing, and delivery. Read more.