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Jen McCabe

Jen McCabe
Hardware Sorceress, Downtown Project

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Jen McCabe runs the Nimbus Portfolio, an allocation of Tony Hsieh`s Vegas Tech Fund devoted to hardware. She leads seed and early stage investments in robotics, drones, hardware-as-a-service, connected devices, health peripherals, internet of things, interactive play, smart home companies, and attendant software developments including machine learning, machine vision, localization and mapping, 3d imaging, haptic technologies, and new operating systems.

During her tenure at Vegas Tech Fund, Jen has invested in LittleBits, Scanadu, Karma, Whill, Skycatch, Meta-View, Soundfocus, Other Machine Company, VIRES Engineering, Paracosm, Swapbox, and others.

Prior to finding and funding great hardware founders, Jen was an early employee at Romotive, a Sequoia-backed personal robotics company. She led early manufacturing and new product lifecycle activities for the company.

A YCombinator alum, Jen founded Contagion Health, a social exercise challenge site that encouraged friends and family to get healthy. The company was seed funded by Esther Dyson and Founders Fund Angel. Earlier in her career, Jen worked in healthcare management for Unity Healthcare in Washington, DC, where she also served on two nonprofit boards.

Jen is extremely passionate about making advanced tech accessible, renovating the way products are manufactured, and building a next-gen hardware community in Las Vegas. She has 5 tattoos, 3 pets, and boulders and sport climbs regularly in the Red Rocks Conservation area. Also, she enjoys polishing her personal robot collection, including a vintage 1980s era Tomy Omnibot named Ringo.


Location: C260
Jen McCabe (Downtown Project)
When you hop on a plane to China to set up production, you better understand that your job is not production, my friend, are about to become a Forensic Diplomat. We'll explore the importance of performing root cause analysis and figure out how to fix both design and production flaws by creating an integrated, collaborative production team with a strong vendor relationship core. Read more.
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Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
Jen McCabe (Downtown Project)
As the leader of seed and early stage investments, Jen can tell you all about projects on robotics, drones, hardware-as-a-service, connected devices, health peripherals, Internet of Things, interactive play, and smart home companies. Learn how to prep for your first production run, and how to organize your team around a cohesive, coherent, product development schedule. Read more.