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Hardi  Meybaum

Hardi Meybaum

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Hardi Meybaum is the founder and CEO of GrabCad, the largest community of mechanical engineers and designers in the world. He recently finished a book focused on Open Engineering called “The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made” which will be released February 2014. Hardi’s background is in manufacturing, as an engineer, consultant, CIO and ERP Team Manager with a strong combination of IT, sales, marketing and finance skills. Hardi holds a MSc in production development from Tallinn University of Technology.


Location: Fire House
Hardi Meybaum (GrabCAD)
There is a hardware renaissance underway and the Internet is the key driver. Today virtually anyone can get a product concept manufactured thanks to Open Engineering. Barriers to entry are breaking down and taking advantage of web­-based communities, knowledge and tools to accelerate the design and manufacturing processes is easier than ever. Read more.