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Mark DeRoche

Mark DeRoche
CTO, Aerofex

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Mark De Roche is the developer and test-pilot of a flying motorcycle, and is the founder and CTO of Aerofex Corp – a technology development firm seeking to democratize flight.
A UCLA grad in aerospace engineering, he has participated in the design and development of numerous advanced spacecraft and experimental aircraft programs. He has been awarded patents and FAA approvals for aviation and propulsion technology. He has been published and has presented at technical conferences, gave a lightning talk at Sci-Foo, and spoke most recently at Nerve’13 at the University of Cambridge, UK.


Location: Fire House
Mark DeRoche (Aerofex)
The convergence of hardware and software is influencing aircraft design and development at a fundamental level. The addition of a network providing cues about the environment will serve as the catalyst that enables a revolution in personal flight. Read more.