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Kate Drane

Kate Drane
Design, Technology and Hardware Lead, Indiegogo

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Kate Drane is hardware category lead at Indiegogo, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms. She is responsible for all aspects of business growth for the platform’s design and technology categories and has led many companies, including Misfit Wearables, Scanadu and Canonical, to secure funding on Indiegogo. Kate is also the co-founder and CMO of The Can Van, and the organizer of the non-profit organization SoupSF. She frequently speaks at events around the country including Engadget+gdgt Live at CE Week, MAKE’s Hardware Innovation Workshop and TEDx.


Location: Festival Pavilion
Boris Wertz (Version One Ventures), Zak Homuth (Upverter), Kate Drane (Indiegogo), Julia Grace (Slack), Emile Petrone (Tindie)
Hardware is hot, but moving from idea to product is a lot of hard work. Featuring Upverter, Indiegogo, Tindie, and VC Boris Wertz, the panel will address the lifecycle and platforms that hardware companies need to scale: from design, through fundraising, sales, manufacturing, and delivery. Read more.
Office Hours
Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
Kate Drane (Indiegogo)
Find out how to prepare a crowdfunding campaign to best leverage your (non-monetary) success in hardware. As the hardware category lead at Indiegogo—one of the major crowdfunding platforms—Kate is ready and willing to offer strategy and advice for crowdfunding hardware projects. Read more.