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Greg Borenstein
Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab

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Greg Borenstein is an artist, technologist, and teacher. He creates illusions for humans and machines. His work explores computer vision, machine learning, game design, visual effects, and drawing as media for storytelling and design.

Greg is a graduate of the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program and has worked for firms such as Makerbot and Berg London. He is the author of a book for O’Reilly about the Microsoft Kinect, titled: Making Things See: 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot.

He’s also the author of OpenCV for Processing, a creative coding computer vision library and is currently at work on Getting Started with Computer Vision, an interactive book for O’Reilly introducing computer vision to a wider audience.

He’s currently a researcher in the Playful Systems Group at the MIT Media Lab.


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Greg Borenstein (MIT Media Lab)
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