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Carin Meier

Carin Meier
Software Developer, Cognitect

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Carin started off as a professional ballet dancer, studied Physics in college, and has been developing software for both the enterprise and entrepreneur ever since. She has a thing for Clojure and can be usually found with a cup of tea in her hand, hacking on her Roomba and AR Parrot Drone.


Location: Festival Pavilion
Carin Meier (Cognitect), Peter Shanley
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 9 ratings)
In this fun, energetic talk, we will explore way to control multiple robots in real time. Roombas sway to gentle computer generated music, while Spheros balls roll with flashing lights. This robot jam will culminate in spectacular finale when the AR Drones fly in to join the dance. Read more.