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Personal schedule for Yu-Hsiang Chen

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Location: Festival Pavilion
Ivan Poupyrev (Google)
In this talk I will argue that the success of the computing of the future where digital code, data and physical realities are seamlessly merged will depend on inventing intuitive, fluid interfaces for to the physical world on a very large scale. I will also present some of my research in this direction including sensing, actuation, energy harvesting and the fine art of growing digital plants. Read more.
Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
Connecting infrastructure via sensors and wireless networks is cheap and easy, but understanding the human motivations, desires and values underpinned by the Internet of Things is a challenge. This talk explores the evolving Industrial Internet through the lens of human behavior, using frog case studies as examples while offering methodologies and frameworks for design teams. Read more.
Location: Festival Pavilion
Alex Hawkinson (SmartThings)
Alex Hawkinson, CEO and co-founder of SmartThings, will discuss key advancements that will take the “Internet of Things” beyond early adopters and into mainstream homes. He’ll discuss this from a hardware and software perspective, providing insight to the inevitable challenges ahead. The presentation will also include a demo of the SmartThings product to highlight the everyday user’s experience. Read more.
Location: Fire House
Tom Wesselman (Plantronics)
This session will outline the core technologies fueling the rise of wearable tech and cover the expected impact these devices will have - in both business and consumer scenarios - when sensing environments become commonplace. Read more.