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Disrupting Space: Planet Labs From Garage to Orbit

Chris Boshuizen (Planet Labs)
Location: Fleet Room
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Planet Labs has pioneered the concept of “agile aerospace,” demonstrating a new approach for getting satellites into space. With 32 satellites currently in orbit, Chris, Planet Lab’s CTO, will recount how they went from prototyping in their garage to manufacturing in downtown San Francisco.

Photo of Chris Boshuizen

Chris Boshuizen

Planet Labs

Chris Boshuizen is a co-founder and the CTO of Planet Labs Inc. Planet Labs will provide frequently updated maps of the entire planet with its own constellation of Earth imaging spacecraft that are now in space. Prior to this, Chris was an Innovator in Residence at NASA Ames Research Center. There he worked on a variety of projects including founding Singularity University, solving key technical challenges with the Ames lunar lander concept, forging a variety of commercialization agreements for lander technology, and lastly creating the PhoneSat project, which successfully placed three smartphone-based satellites in orbit. Chris received his Ph.D. in Physics and BSc. with honours from the University of Sydney, finding new science in archival data of the Voyager spacecrafts’ tour of the solar system. He also helped design one of the most precise space-based optical instruments for a proposed Australian space-based astronomical telescope.