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edgertronic™ - A Microscope for Time

Michael Matter (Sanstreak Corp), Juan Pineda (Edgertronic)
Location: Festival Pavilion

The human eye is pretty remarkable, but sometimes it can use a little help: If you want to see Jupiter’s moons, you’ll need a telescope. Protozoa in a drop of water requires a microscope. To see a light bulb shattering, you better have a high speed camera.

We’ve all seen amazing slow motion videos captured by high speed cameras. Until now, these cameras were priced like cars and houses – hardly accessible to a broad market.

We set out to change this by creating a serious high speed camera that’s priced like an enthusiast DSLR.

Along the way, we not only designed some killer hardware, but we changed the entire interactive experience. The physical and user interfaces are simplified, elegant and intuitive. Users with little or no photographic experience are able to quickly setup and use our camera and start taking high speed videos for fun or profit.

We will give a brief demo of the edgertronic™ on stage, and discuss our design aesthetic and how it led to our product.

Photo of Michael Matter

Michael Matter

Sanstreak Corp

Photo of Juan Pineda

Juan Pineda