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Robotics & The Natural Language of Creatives

Tobias Kinnebrew (Bot & Dolly)
Location: Festival Pavilion
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(3.91, 11 ratings)

Bot & Dolly is a creative studio composed of Artists and Engineers. We leverage the power of the friction between those two disciplines to drive the engine of our creative process. This integration is a force multi-plier and propels us to innovate at the technology level from the perspective of an idea rather than an execution. With a focus on robotics, Bot & Dolly’s most valuable work is done at the interface level where we design and build systems that put advanced machines to work in the world in new ways. Our tools enable new techniques for cinematography, fabrication, architecture, and a host of other creative applications. Each time we build a new bridge to interface with robotics, we are improving the design of our own imagination.

Photo of Tobias Kinnebrew

Tobias Kinnebrew

Bot & Dolly

For over a decade, Tobias has been leading strategic thinking at the cutting edge of consumer technology in experience, business, and engineering. After 8 years at Microsoft, driving design for several of that company’s most breakthrough products and experience concepts, he joined the robotics and creative firm Bot & Dolly as Head of Product Strategy where he leads initiatives that advance our ability, as humans, to intuitively interface with the rapidly expanding number of robots populating our world. At Bot & Dolly, he leads innovation efforts in the application of robotic technology across creative domains with a focus on cinema.