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The Role of UAVs in Oil & Gas Pipeline Maintenance

Pramila Mullan (Accenture Technology Labs)
Location: Fire House

Unmanned operations management allows industrial equipment owners and operators to digitally-task and oversea a robotic work-force of ROVs, fixed sensors or collaborative robots so supply chain / manufacturing processes are more productive and create new value to customers. UAVs for example, are expected to play a big role in inspection, monitoring, diagnostic and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines. Not only they can be used to reduce unexpected shutdown, but they can also be used for enhanced safety and environmental protection. As such, many companies in the Oil and Gas industry are looking into incorporating UAVs as part of their Intelligent Pipeline Management initiatives.

We will showcase how an Oil and Gas company can integrate the use of UAVs into its maintenance and monitoring business process. Specifically, we will demonstrate how UAVs are integrated into a fleet management and workflow/field service management systems to create a seamless environment where UAVs are used alongside their human counterparts. The showcase will include:

  • Automated routine maintenance of pipeline involving scheduling, dispatching UAVs and collecting inspection results
  • A pipeline-related issue triggers UAVs to be dispatched to assess the situation
  • Ensuring compliance to local laws in managing the overall UAV mission operations
  • Dynamically re-plan the mission when obstacles/threats are encountered
Photo of Pramila Mullan

Pramila Mullan

Accenture Technology Labs

Pramila Mullan is a Senior Manager in Accenture Technology Labs focused on innovation in Industrial Internet. Prior to Accenture, she has extensive experience in software engineering at companies such as Cisco, Motorola, Orange, and AT&T Bell Laboratories. She has a MSEE and MBA from Rutgers University.