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Folding = Coding for Matter

Matthew Gardiner’s work has two distinct forks. One is the ongoing development of oribotics. The other is the discovery of new material and fabrication innovations and experiments. He will bring a small case of 4-5 oribots as a demo set. These oribots capture the essence of his message that material function can be programmed through folding. This work is an important pointer for more possibilities and shifts in hardware and software.

His new material experiments are currently in works-in-progress: they involve additive and subtractive fabrication technologies, hand craft, laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machining, and are developed with algorithmic design tools like Rhino/Grasshopper and VoxCad. They involve combining composite materials to create folding systems with high aesthetics and function. Soft robotics and smart materials may figure in future applications and prototypes.