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How Do We Create A Connected World?

Sean Carey (Helium)
Location: Festival Pavilion

How Do We Create A Connected World?

The Internet of Things is upon us and yet most questions about how it will function remain unanswered. So here’s the challenge: How do we create a ubiquitous system that developers, enterprises, and consumers can understand and find valuable?

Most issues are solved when it comes to building and distributing applications on today’s Internet. We now face similar hurdles for the Internet of Things. How do we create the infrastructure and APIs that enable the focus of applications to transition from phones and tablets to dog collars and Coke machines.

IoT systems need to do more than just speak with a cloud or your customers’ devices. They need to inter-operate, be secure, and the barrier to entry needs to be as low as that of the Internet itself.

This talk will be about Helium’s vision for the Internet of Things. It will be simple; it will be distributed and fault-tolerant; it will be capable of organic growth; it will use familiar protocols like DNS and IPv6; it will be secure; it will be extensible; and it will be omnipresent.

And we’re building hardware and software to make all of this possible.

Photo of Sean  Carey

Sean Carey


Sean Carey has been working in the software industry for almost 20 years. He started his career out of high school working at Microsoft and quickly learned that working with startup companies was what he wanted to do. Sean specializes in the design and implementation of systems, applications, and infrastructure that are capable of withstanding billions of requests per day. When he’s not actively employed by a startup, Sean consults companies and helps make their applications better. He has held Director, Architect, and Consulting roles with companies like: Basho Technologies, One Medical, BrightCove, Paypal, Rupture and Groove.