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Soft Robot: Glaucus

Matthew Borgatti has been developing methods to create inexpensive, reliable, sophisticated soft robots. These are pneumatic and hydraulic robots that move without hard mechanical actuators. They are soft in the same way organisms are soft. See details on these projects.

Matthew has been perfecting a design for a soft quadruped called the Glaucus. It’s intended to demonstrate how complex mechanisms can be designed into a single pneumatic skin making for a robot that’s ready to be put to work as soon as it comes out of the mold.

He has a functioning prototype of this latest design and plans to show if off in a way that will allow people to get some insight into how these robots move without any motors or hard mechanisms.

Matthew began his career as an artist, obsessing over life drawing and the Dutch masters. During college this changed into a love for design and mechanisms. He started building movie monsters professionally and after that was hooked on making robots – combining that mechanical knowhow with a design and aesthetic sensibility to make beautiful functioning objects using limited resources.