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Beyond the Screen: Humans as Input-Output Devices

Kelsey Breseman (Environmental Data & Governance Initiative)
Location: Festival Pavilion
Slides:   1-PDF 

We need to stop thinking of connected devices as things that we hold in our hands, but rather as inputs and outputs to ourselves as humans: a belt that gives you turn-by-turn directions via haptics as you walk; implanted vision devices that allow you to see in heatmaps; telepresence with myoelectrically activated arms. This talk surveys currently-available and soon-to-be-available human-interactive devices which we can program and connect to create a more intuitive world. I will have a live demo involving Tessel and bio-sensing devices.

Photo of Kelsey Breseman

Kelsey Breseman

Environmental Data & Governance Initiative

Kelsey Breseman has a degree in neural engineering from Olin College. She has researched sleep and temperature, implantable vision devices, and devices for lung cancer diagnosis. She is now a member of Technical Machine– a company whose aim is to empower web developers to enter the connected devices space. The company’s flagship product is Tessel, a Javascript-programmable microcontroller.
More on Kelsey’s LinkedIn and Github.