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Build Your Own Whole-Data-Center Smart Meter and Climate Control

Ralf Muehlen (Internet Archive)
Location: C260
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Disappointed about the local power company’s inability to provide an API to smart meters, I built my own networked, real-time power meter for the Internet Archive data centers. From this simple monitoring it grew to a multi-site networked system that ties together climate control, power, alarm systems and access control.

All of this would have been possible to built a decade ago, but with the recent arrival of inexpensive, networked and easy to program sensors, actuators and hubs, the bar has been lowered in terms of expertise needed, time to implement and cost. Plus cloud-based controllers with good web interfaces make this actually fun.

In this session, Ralf Muehlen will show how to get started with commercial, off-the-shelf products, how to expand them to new areas and sensors, and how to take the scary step from monitoring to making physical changes in the real world.

For the live demo part, I’ll need a 2ft x 2ft table space near the microphone to place some sensors, a relay and a light bulb. I’ll need a 120V outlet. It won’t draw more than 100W/1A. A table camera might be helpful, but not required.

Ralf Muehlen

Internet Archive

Ralf Muehlen is a programmer, network architect and maker. He builds non-traditional data centers and runs the global network of the Internet Archive. Dedicated to open access, Muehlen helps build community networks in San Francisco, Richmond, Chapel Hill and Burning Man.