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Building for Resilience

Abe Gong (Superconductive Health)
Location: Festival Pavilion
Average rating: ****.
(4.60, 5 ratings)

Wearable and ubiquitous computing create new challenges and opportunities for resilience: building products that will stand up to the pressures of real-life use. This talk is about designing resilient systems by combining the capabilities and cultures of makers in hardware, software, and data. Told from the perspective of the Data Science team at Jawbone, it draws on examples and lessons learned from across the company, and the industry at large. The focus: how to build resilient products to unlock new daily experiences that improve the way you live.

Photo of Abe Gong

Abe Gong

Superconductive Health

Abe Gong is a data scientist at Jawbone, where he builds data products to support the UP fitness tracker.