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What Do Startups Need to Know about Patent Law

Jeffrey Schox (Schox Patent Group)
Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
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Why do startups file patents? Hint: it is not to, “protect your competitive advantage.” Learn about how to craft a patent strategy that’s right for your startup.

The presentation answers three fundamental questions that entrepreneurs have about patent law:

  • Why do startups file patents? (Including three of the wrong reasons.)
  • What is patentable? (Including how to identify inventions.)
  • What do investors want to hear?

This presentation also busts the most common myth about patent law: having a patent gives the patent owner the right to make and use their invention. It will close with a quick guide to choosing a patent attorney (including some non-obvious tips).

Photo of Jeffrey Schox

Jeffrey Schox

Schox Patent Group

Jeffrey Schox is a Patent Attorney and the founding member of Schox Patent Group, a boutique patent firm that builds patent portfolios for startups. He has filed over 750 patent application and has represented 150 early stage startups and a few later stage startups, including Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox. His clients have attracted investments from Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Greylock, Khosla, Kleiner Perkins, and Sequoia. He is recommended by Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and Rock Health.

In addition to being a patent attorney and an entrepreneur, Jeff is also a Lecturer at Stanford in both the Law School and the Engineering School, an author of a book on patent strategy, and an angel investor with 20 early stage investments, including Karma (acquired by Facebook), Massive Health (acquired by Jawbone), and Twilio.

With degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, Jeffrey is uniquely positioned as a patent attorney to assist with the filing of patent applications in the software/hardware/everywhere movement.