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Integrated Product Development at the Intersection of Hardware and Software

Aren Kaser (Igor Institute), Sean Murphy (Smart Design)
Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
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What is integrated product development and what makes successful ‘Internet of Things’ devices dependent on a well implemented product development process? The smartphone and mobile technology movement has driven the integration of hardware and software for both companies large and small. This has created challenges in putting together diverse teams to manage integrated product development while maintaining responsive design and development efforts that can bring transformative experiences to market.

Topics addressed include:

  • The Intersection of Hardware and Software: What does this really mean for developing products?
  • Creating a Company that Sells Hardware: How is this different from a services or software company?
  • Delivering Hardware: What is the product development process? Who should be involved and how do they interact? Where are the areas with the most challenges and potential failures? What happens when hardware needs to interact with the existing world and how do you develop a strong user experience?
Photo of Aren Kaser

Aren Kaser

Igor Institute

Aren has led teams of talented people committed to enhancing companies’ unique brands and helping redefine the conversation around product development, healthcare, and higher education. His areas of focus have ranged wide—from product development and hardware design to business development, project management, integrated marketing, and communications strategy. Aren has his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Seattle University where he is currently an Adjunct Professor for for the 2013/14 academic year.

Photo of Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy

Smart Design

A design and innovation engineer with 15 years of product development expertise spanning consumer electronics, medical devices, electronic toys and industrial automation. A mechanical engineer by training, he has spent his career blending mechanics and manufacturing with digital systems. At Smart Design, Sean brings a technology perspective to create great products that bridge the physical and digital worlds. He has a BSME from Drexel University in Philadelphia.