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Design For Your Early Adopters: Women

Anna Shaw (Smart Design)
Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room

Considering the needs of women for connected products makes business sense. Despite myths that women lag in technology use, they have been quietly leading adoption for 150 years. And with women influencing an estimated 85% of consumer purchases and contributing an annual $12 trillion dollars in global spending, attracting her as an early adopter pool can have big pay-off.

While many companies recognize this opportunity, they aren’t sure how to address it. How can your team go beyond surface observations and stereotypes to truly understand what women are looking for in tech products? You need to understand real needs and desires. To start, women’s brains are wired differently and carry a different perspective when evaluating the latest technology. Simply put, most women will consider and make decisions differently than their male counterparts.

During this talk, we’ll review some of the top ways in which women’s needs and decision-making process is different, show examples of past product successes and failures and finish with principles for creating connected products that women will adopt—first.

Photo of Anna Shaw

Anna Shaw

Smart Design

Anna creates compelling, resonant user experiences that truly work. Anna has spent over 15 years developing and extending brands across a myriad of markets and touchpoints including digital products, design language systems, packaging and onscreen platforms. Whatever the medium, she focuses on visionary expressions that connect with people while firmly delivering on brand strategy. She is also a champion for Femme Den, Smart Design’s innovation lab focused on women.