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Doing it Wrong: Figuring Out Installation Tech thru Failure

Mike Dory (kbs+ | Spies & Assassins), Matt Powell (kbs+ | Spies & Assassins)
Location: C260

Developing with hardware is easy… except when it’s not, and everything goes wrong. Really wrong. A bunch of times. But learning from the mistakes inherent in building custom hardware installations is the fun part, and something that the team at Spies & Assassins has worked out to a science.

From shoe-customizing kiosks and networked touch walls to car-ordering stations and live image tracking installations, Spies & Assassins has built and installed projects for the likes of BMW, PUMA, Jay-Z, Ludens, and more. In this session, they will tell you about all the mistakes along the way and the lessons they learned the hard way — so you don’t have to.

In this presentation, Matt Powell and Mike Dory will provide case studies of (and lessons learned from) Spies’ most- and least-successful installations, focusing on the good and bad parts of developing custom hardware, the troubles of integration and installation, and the best ways to keep clients happy while figuring it all out. Participants will not only walk away with a look into the process of developing custom retail-centric and public-facing projects, but will also get a sense for the numbers, metrics, and dollars it takes to really make these projects work (or not).

Photo of Mike Dory

Mike Dory

kbs+ | Spies & Assassins

Mike is Executive Director of Technology at kbs+ | Spies & Assassins, an award-winning creative technology boutique, playing with platforms, applications, experiences and advertising across mobile, social, emerging platforms, the web and at retail and physical locations.

Prior to joining kbs+, Mike co-founded the social technology agency Socialbomb (acquired by Refinery29 in 2013), and served as its CTO four years.

Mike holds a Masters of Interactive Telecommunications from NYU ITP, where he is also an adjunct professor, and is the co-author of the book Introduction to Tornado, published by O’Reilly Media.

His personal and collaborative projects have appeared in the New York Times, National Public Radio, Gothamist, BoingBoing, Gizmodo, and MAKE Magazine.

Photo of Matt Powell

Matt Powell

kbs+ | Spies & Assassins

Matt is the Chief Information Officer at kbs+ and co-founder of kbs+ Spies & Assassins. He runs the agency’s creative technology practice which includes UX, Software Development, Hardware / Installations, Technical Project Management, Community Management, Digital Strategy, Platform Maintenance and the Digital Studio. He’s a key collaborator on all things technical/digital/social/CRM. Matt plays an active role on the agency’s Armani, BMW, HomeGoods, PUMA, and Vanguard businesses.

In April, 2013, Business Insider named Matt one of the 30 most creative people in Mobile Advertising.

He has presented once at Creative Week NYC, twice at Create:Tech, numerous times to regional ANA meetings, and will be presenting at SXSW 2014 (on invention at agencies).
Prior to joining the agency in January 2006, Matt ran a boutique digital agency in Boston where his notable clients included Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gillette, Hasbro, and Oral-B.

He is also co-founder of Second Button
, a web-based made-to-measure clothing manufacturer. Prior to founding Second Button, Matt co-founded Ergo, a healthcare technology company working to improve compliance among patients with chronic conditions.

Matt received his BS in Photojournalism from Boston University.

He lives in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood among some of the best butcher shops in NYC.