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The Industrial Internet and Manufacturing’s Digital Revolution

Jackie Scherer (Sight Machine)
Location: C260

“The Industrial Internet is coming!” Who are the companies preparing for this emerging opportunity? And why should you jump on board?

There are many important and exciting technology problems to solve in industry. A prime example lies in manufacturing where millions of machines are sitting isolated on plant floors, waiting to be connected to the internet. But bringing connectedness to manufacturing involves many cultural and physical challenges.

One company that is tackling these challenges is Sight Machine, an industrial internet startup with offices in San Francisco, CA and Ann Arbor, MI. Sight Machine collects data from machines that are already on factory floors, including the machine vision data from cameras that perform routine pass/fail inspection.

Further, the product can aggregate vision and sensor data from multiple machines and plants, rolling them up into critical metrics for manufacturing companies like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Engineers and designers from very different backgrounds are coming together to build these kinds of solutions.


  • Why digital workers should join Manufacturing’s Digital Revolution
  • Machine Vision as an example of disruption
  • The greater impact of the Industrial Internet on manufacturing (Physical to Digital, Operator to Analyst, Manufacturer to Technologist)

By capturing data from existing plant-floor hardware, manufacturing companies stand to reap immediate benefits. In the longer term future, manufacturing will become more of an analyst’s world. The control of machines will be moving away from the plant floor, especially with the proliferation of mobile devices.

Manufacturing in the US will need to be at the forefront of this transition to maintain its competitive advantage and help to rebuild the US economy. As manufacturing becomes equally digital as it is physical, there will be critical roles to fill. Join the revolution and get in on the action!

Photo of Jackie Scherer

Jackie Scherer

Sight Machine

Jackie Scherer is Lead Interaction Designer at Sight Machine, an industrial internet startup in San Francisco. She has designed enterprise and consumer products for over 7 years. Prior to Sight Machine, she was a Senior User Experience Designer at Eventbrite, designing interfaces for both event organizers and event attendees. Before she moved to San Francisco in 2011, she was a User Experience Designer at Viewpoint Construction Software in Portland, where she gained exposure to software as it applies to heavy industry. Jackie likes to stay active in the design community and previously served as volunteer Program Director of the Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon (CHIFOO). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Western State Colorado University.

Jackie especially enjoys designing products that improve business productivity. She had a dream that one day she would bring empathetic design to manufacturing. Now, with her team at Sight Machine, she has the chance to do that and much more.