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New Materials, New Narratives

Dan Williams (N/A)
Location: Fleet Room
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What’s normal in apps and the web can be disastrous when implemented in software for the real world.

As we introduce software into the real world we bring with it unexpected side effects:

  • A city becomes gridlocked when an algorithm orders too many people to jury duty on the same day.
  • Cars are trapped in an automated car park for weeks when a software license expires.
  • A supermarket goes without fresh fruit and vegetables after they’re accidentally deleted from a Walmart system.

This talk will look at what happens when we try to copy what we’ve learned from the web, and utilize in the real world, including:

  • Tracking cookies, for your cell phone position
  • User analytics, for your face

Our new materials will require new narratives and best practices, which we will explore.

Photo of Dan Williams

Dan Williams


Dan W. makes things. Sometimes those things are made of atoms. Sometimes they are made of bits.

Dan collaborates with artists to prototype and fabricate digital artworks, ranging from jukeboxes telling theatrical stories to orchestras in hot air balloons drifting across a city.