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Beyond the Early Adopter, When IOT Cracks Mainstream

Alex Hawkinson (SmartThings)
Location: Festival Pavilion
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Alex Hawkinson, CEO and co-founder of SmartThings, will discuss key advancements that will take the “Internet of Things” beyond early adopters and into mainstream homes. He will explain the importance and value of an open platform and marketplace to maximize accessibility as well discuss how the user experience and continued revolution of the smartphone will play vital roles in bringing IOT further into mainstream homes. He will examine the current state of the “Internet of Things” from a hardware, software, and business perspective, providing insight to the inevitable challenges ahead. The presentation will also include a demo of the SmartThings product to highlight the current everyday user’s experience and what’s in store for the future.

Photo of Alex Hawkinson

Alex Hawkinson


Alex is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the emerging “Internet of Things” space. Alex believes that the Physical Graph represents the next major phase of the Internet that will create revolutionary change in every facet of life from the home to the office to the gym. Prior to founding SmartThings, Alex has spent the past 15 years in leadership positions with cloud-based technology companies. Most recently, he was Chief Product Officer of ReachLocal, a global provider of online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses that acquired SMBLive, a cloud-based software company that Alex founded in 2005.