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Designing for Your First 1000 True Fans

Amanda Peyton (Etsy), Kuan Luo (Grand St.)
Location: Festival Pavilion
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How can you get someone excited about brand-new physical products, many of which have little to no precedent?

For many makers, cultivating a fan base is the hardest part of their process and one of their biggest barriers. This 15 minute talk will discuss design specifically as it relates to your first 1000 fans.

We want the audience to feel empowered around finding their early fans. We’ll discuss how to identify the customer, reach them, and empower them to build a movement that stretches beyond simply industrial design.

At Grand St., we are all about helping creative hardware find its audience, and along the way we have learned a lot about the best ways to build excitement around new devices. No matter what stage you’re at in the development process, it’s never too early or too late to cultivate your base of supporters.

Amanda Peyton


Amanda Peyton is the CEO and co-founder of Grand St., a new marketplace for indie electronics. Grand St. introduces creative, well-designed, delightful new devices to consumers and enable makers large and small to sell their products. Peyton lives in New York City and is an alumni of Y Combinator, MIT Sloan and Northwestern.

Photo of Kuan Luo

Kuan Luo

Grand St.

Kuan Luo is the Director of Design at Grand St., a new marketplace for indie electronics. She oversees all design decisions from concept to implementation. Kuan comes from the Washington Post, where she worked on the Post’s mobile applications and the studio Objective Subject. In her free time, she loves hiking and designing typefaces.