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Memoirs of an Object

Location: Fire House
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The discussions around connected and smart products are mostly centred around highly utilitarian and efficiency based scenarios, where our homes are transformed into new nodes of valuable data. However connected products have evolved beyond simply offering remote access or collecting data. They are becoming more relevant actors in our daily lives. But how is this scenario changing when we a product actually becomes an actor? how is its life changing and our own relationship with it?

Objects are passed between people, changing and shifting through each passage. They change with time and they inherit stories that make an object important and hold long -lasting value. Analog objects show these stories physically through aging, signs , and imperfections. However, a smart product has the potential to see, listen and remember, influencing its behavior and its interaction with people. It contains its own story and memory and by being connected it might not only be influenced by the interaction with its single owner/user.

During a few months long experiment in 2012 together with Haque design research i have been developing a service called Addicted Products. A real/fictional service that is build around the point of view, the needs and goal of an object and that changes based on relationships that an object can have with other objects around.

In this talk i will show the story of a simple and mundane object: a toaster.
I will show the reactions aroused and will expand on the implications of designing products “smart” enough to show us their point of view, behave and have their own memories.

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Simone Rebaudengo


Simone Rebaudengo is a senior interaction designer at frog Shanghai, where he designs digital, physical, and behavioral interfaces. His personal research focuses on exploring the implications of living with networked and (somewhat) smart products that change, grow, and make their own decisions.

Simone has a mixed background in product design and generative architecture. He holds an MSc in interaction design from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he focused on tangible interfaces and connected products.

He has spoken at universities and events including Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), TEDx, UX London, push.conference, dConstruct, and Solid. His works have been published internationally in WIRED, Fast Company, The Atlantic, and designboom. Simone has received awards from Core77, the IxDA Interaction Awards, and the Internet of Things Awards.