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UX in IoT: A Collaborative Approach

Tom Metcalfe (rain cloud)
Location: Fire House
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Ubicomp, IoT or connected-objects have existed for years and have been predominantly explored by engineers and technologists in labs. But times are changing and now everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Technologies that connect objects to the internet are becoming more accessible and as this happens, people with knowledge outside of just digital or IoT, can bring their expertise to these emerging technologies.

REACT, a knowledge exchange hub based in Bristol UK, works within this field. It was awarded £5 million by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to fund collaborative projects between academics of various specialties and creative industries.

In the months leading up to Solid, REACT will produce and support 6 R&D projects exploring UX with connected-objects. This intense period of R&D has already attracted brilliant academics and creatives from across sectors.

This talk will highlight the importance of material culture; the stories mediated through objects and how updatable content provided through the Internet, can enhance and not detract from the experience with objects. It will also emphasise the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations in the exploration of emerging technologies, and in particular, UX with connected-objects.

REACT Objects Sandbox – R&D into UX in IoT

Note: Live demo, will include prototypes created during REACT’s R&D

Photo of Tom Metcalfe

Tom Metcalfe

rain cloud

Tom is the Producer of REACT Objects Sandbox. Based in the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, UK.

He is a designer, with a specialism in object design, physical-digital and design thinking. His background is both in academia and industry, having recently worked in senior positions at both rAndom International and the Product Research Studio.

He is co-founder of Fieldguide, an occasional collective and sometimes journal for people interested in design, technology, society and the intersections where they overlap.

His collaborations and employment have resulted in his work being presented and exhibited at, amongst others, the Wellcome Trust, British Library, V&A and Design Miami. He’s also talked and delivered workshops internationally, including SXSW, Sotheby’s and NID India.