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Lessons Learned Building the Hue Cloud

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Hue has put the internet in a lightbulb. With tunable whites and great colors, people can create all kinds of different scenes in their home. With every Hue set sold, it put another device inside the household that connected to the internet, with an internet api. And as with any newly launched product, the question is how much traction it would get. Philips Hue was one of those products with a flying start.

If you are planning to build and launch an internet connected device, you want to be prepared for success and able to scale linearly with the number devices, while also keeping the initial investment and running cost low. Secondly, devices in your home are expected to also work without a continuous connection to the internet and should handle a flaky connection gracefully.

In this presentation, Korjan van Wieringen will focus on how to build a cloud api on top of a connected device. What worked well and what we would have done differently. Next to the architecture, he will also talk about the other aspects of connected devices, like privacy, security & statistics.

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Korjan Wieringen


Korjan studied Informatics & Economics in Rotterdam. Has a background as a software engineer, consultant and projectmanager. A bit of a jack of all trades, master of some. Or so he hopes.