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Materializing Interaction

Marcelo Coelho (Marcelo Coelho Studio / Alike)
Location: C260
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Computer graphics and digital fabrication create the illusion that form is independent from matter. In reality, the behavior and aesthetics of the things we create are inherently limited by the material and scale constraints of our tools. In this talk, I present three works which push the limits of fabrication through a variety of scales and techniques, spanning from microscopic engravings on a grain of sand all the way to a drawing the size of soccer stadium.
In this talk, I will present my art, design and research practice, which seeks to create new human experiences by conceptually and technically intertwining the capabilities and aesthetics of both computers and materials. I will present examples of paper computers, shape-changing garments, digital graffiti, flying robots, socially networked drinks, and both macro and nano scale sculptures which push the limits of digital fabrication.

Photo of Marcelo Coelho

Marcelo Coelho

Marcelo Coelho Studio / Alike

Marcelo Coelho is an artist and designer whose work seeks to challenge our perception of the physical world by imbuing materials with computation. Spanning a wide range of media, processes, and scales, his work explores the boundaries between matter and information, shedding light on how our senses shape and limit our experiences, while using technology to create new forms of communication and expression.

Marcelo Coelho’s work has been exhibited worldwide, including Ars Electronica, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Design Miami/, The Creators Project, Riflemaker Gallery, Johnson Trading Gallery, MIT Museum, Waddesdon Manor, among others. His work can also be found in private collections including the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art, The Rothschild Collection and the Tech Museum of Innovation. His creative work has also won several awards, including Prix Ars Electronica [Next Idea] and Honorary Mention for Interactive Art, the W Hotels Designer of the Future Award, and Honorable Mention from ID Magazine Design Review.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marcelo Coelho received a Bachelor in Computation Arts with highest honors from Concordia University, and a Master and Doctorate in Media Arts and Sciences from the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Marcelo Coelho currently lives in Boston, where he spends his time between his studio and MIT, developing personal work, collaborations, commissions and research.